Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yarn Quest and More

Thursday was the start of West Michigan Yarn Quest 2013. And quest I did. Jack and I spent seven hours traveling about West Michigan. We made it to six yarn shops. They are Clever Ewe, Country Needleworks, A Grand Skein, Henny's Yarn Shop, J.T. Stitchery and Painted Trillium. On Monday I'll go to my local yarn shop around the corner, The Needlesmith.

Cute sign.

Almost all the yarn in the shops is at least 20% off. There are door prizes at each location. Jack was in charge of filling out the forms for those while I browsed. There were giveaways - free yarn and lots of free patterns.

My goodies.

My stamped passport.

When I get my seventh stamp on Monday, I'll be eligible for the runner-up drawing (valued at over $250). You need all 10 stamps to be in the drawing for Grand Prize. The quest ends April 30th and my work schedule is not going to allow me to get all 10. But I had a great time and found some shops that I really like and will visit again.

On the way back home we stopped at a wonderful cheese shop in Muskegon.  In addition to great cheese, they have wine, oil and vinegar.

Back home there are lots of signs that spring has finally arrived and winter is behind us.

Jack is now in his summer uniform of t-shirt and shorts.


Butch's Beach Burritos and Dairy Treat are open and Pronto Pup is opening this week.

My garden is blooming.

I've have started the early veggies. So far I have kale, lettuce, basil, rosemary and thyme seeds in their pots. Sugar in front of the salad planter.

As soon as I'm sure of the location for my pepper and spinach pot, I'll put the spinach in. I'm putting pots in new locations this year and I need to observe the sun to shade ratio a bit more.

Some would say that the most telling sign that spring has arrived is the cars that hibernate over winter are now starting to come out of their caves.

Get out and enjoy the spring!

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