Monday, April 15, 2013

Pet Expo

On Sunday we decided to go to the Pet Expo in Grand Rapids.

As you can see, it was a grey day. There was even snow at this late date! Grand Rapids has not yet hit 60 degrees this year. The city normally does this by March 17.


Not really pets.

Oddly, I didn't take a picture of any of the real cool dogs. I guess I was just enjoying them.

We then headed over to check out the Whitecaps park. Adam (AJ) will love what is just outside the gate.

The park.

Our plan was to have a late lunch in Coopersville on the way home, but the restaurant was not open on Sunday. So we headed home.

Since it has been warm, Jack has taken Sugar out on the deck to enjoy a bone the last two days.

Our painter came over today to find out what we have in mind. I await the quote before making a decision on interior painting. However, the deck will be sealed the second week of May so we'll be able to get the furniture out from under cover and begin enjoying the outdoors.

I've started researching the history of our house. I'm just at the beginning stages but I had forgot how much I enjoyed historical research. I love the local history room at the library. In addition, I've located lots of great on-line resources. One person lived in our house from her birth on to about age 70.I feel it is her house as much as ours. We went to the local cemetery to find the graves of the homes first inhabitants. It is an amazing place that speaks to the town's history. The tombstones are a who's who of the town's families through history. Many still own businesses here and/or are commemorated with street names. I'll have more on this in future blogs.

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