Monday, April 8, 2013

This and That

My mother almost all the time used the subject line "This and that" for her emails. And as a subject line, it was spot on. She would talk about this, that, this, that, like a pinball bouncing from one to the other.

We here in Grand Haven have been doing this and that.

The dead tree we were worried was going to fall and take out the war memorial, or worse kill someone, is now down.

The bike rack didn't survive. Oops.

Signs of spring.

On Saturday we went to New Era, MI. I wanted to check out the fabric store and it was a good day for Silver to have his first road trip.

Very nice selection of fabric.

Jack picked up a couple items at the hardware store.

Silver's first road trip.

Jack asleep after the big trip. Sugar awake. I'm sure she slept the whole time we were gone.


Jack has figured out his knitting loom.

Home opener!


Oh well.

But I did finish all the stems for my latest project.

 Spike Jr. in his new pot.

For Adam...

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