Monday, October 20, 2014

Beautiful West Michigan Fall

For a bigger view, click on the picture.

Silver Lake a couple weeks ago.

Holland 10 days ago.

Yesterday - Hemlock Crossing and Rosy Mound.

I love West Michigan and Fall.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Around Town During Art Walk

The weather has been spectacular this week. And, there is art all over town. What's not to like?

Not just Jack on Bench - Jack on Michigan Bench. Sugar is like "We're walking, not sitting, lets go."

The 14 to 17 age group artwork is on display at the library. We have some excellent young talent in the area.

Bikes lining up for the bike parade on Saturday.

Bikes at Waterfront Stadium for judging.

It's a cookie. It's a bike.

A sampling of the art on display...

Kid's paintings hanging up to dry.

There is art all over town. Get out and see it. And as always, the waterfront is beautiful and well protected.

Art Walk Info

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Irish Music Fest and Montague Weathervane

This weekend was Michigan Irish Music Fest. A good time was had by one and all. A sampling of pictures...don't forget, you can click on them to make larger.

Park on the way from the hotel to the Fest.

Highland Games

Before heading home on Sunday, we went to Montague to see the world's largest weather vane. It is big.

For those into wine, the grocery store by the weather vane has a VERY large wine selection from around the world.