Monday, September 3, 2012

This and That

I've been very busy working but have managed to still have a non-work life. We finally made it to the Bolt Park Market before it closed for the season. Everything from home grown produce, hand knit items to cutting boards. Since Jack isn't woodworking anymore, I picked up a back-up cutting board.

We also attended the last for the season Tuesdays in the Park music event.

And then Wednesday night dancing on the boardwalk. I also think the last for that but I'm not sure.

We now have a community college campus in town. The Senior Center is moving out and the college kids are moving in. I've also up sized my computer monitor. I've been working on the laptop screen but the last book I needed to make a huge table for had double column and small print that made toggling back and forth difficult on the eyes. Now I'm using it as my main monitor. I'll be spoiled when I travel and have to go back to the smaller screen. Thanks to Gale for helping me with the settings.

I think this bit of nature's art in front of the art gallery is amazing.

Well back to work - peace.

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