Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boats and Cars

Well except for the leaf blowers at Central Park, when I'm king they well be banned, things are much quieter around Grand Haven. Most of the tourists have left. However, there are still a few with very nice boats.

The weather is cooling down and we're going to get a storm this afternoon. Walked past the trolley stop  to see if my guess about the trolley stopping after labor day was correct. I was. So our guests next week won't get to ride the trolley. But there is still plenty to see and do. A new art exhibit opened last night that we'll wait to see with our guests.

Waked by the library courtyard with it's nice sculpture fountain on the way back home. One thing I will say for Grand Haven is there are many nice restful places to sit and relax around town.

Because I was told "We want cars!!!!" I leave you with these ones spotted around town this morning.

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