Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Winding Down

It's been busy since Coast Guard Fest. I missed Stitches Midwest and my Illinois friends due to working on a large index that got in the way of my going. I did have a nice rose on my desk from the garden as I worked that weekend.

The second week of August we had a veggie disaster. It finally rained and the hooks I'm using could not hold in the wet ground. Jack and I tried to get them up and secure but it didn't work out so well. Between the terrible heat, drought and being knocked about, the plants are just about done for. Next year there will be ground-based containers.

August 17 and 18 was Sidewalk Sales. I was surprised by the crowds for this. I bought a cookbook from the Tri-Cities Historical Museum booth. It is organized by month and each section starts with a bit of history. I'm a sucker for cookbooks and history. Historically Delicious: An Almanac Cookbook

On August 19 we went to Michigan Fiber Festival. I took a beginning drop spindle spinning class. While I was in the workshop, Jack wandered around mostly spending time in the animal barn. I avoided the animal barn. Sheep, llamas, goats, rabbits and allergies are not a good mix. Jack now knows everything there is to know about border collies. On the left my first spun yarn...

This past Sunday morning when we were out for the morning walk with Sugar, there was excitement on Washington. A crane that was being used to wash the county courthouse windows sank into the ground and tipped over blocking Washington. By time we arrived it was upright and about to be loaded on the the flatbed truck. A simple window wash turned into an operation requiring much heavy equipment. Oops. But the window washer was wearing his safety harness so he is fine.

I have a couple large work projects to take me through September. Jack will be doing his usual variety of things while I work. Right now he's down in the man cave starting work on the rocking chair Sally found us. She is a big shopper for all things. Her very cool house is full to capacity with the treasures she has found over the years, a basket collection, tea pot collection, at least three clocks per room and more. I told her I was on a hunt for a rocker and she found me a perfect one. It needs one new spring and to be reupholstered. The wood is real pretty and Jack says all it needs is some oil. I'm excited. Chair in man cave...

I leave you with a couple Arf Walk dogs and cars around town.

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  1. We only went down to the Coast Guard Festival a few days - it seemed extra crowded this year for some reason. I did not hear about that crane! Wow - crazy!
    ~Tracy, your fellow Grand Haven blogger :)