Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall and ArtWalk

Fall officially starts tomorrow but the weather has been very Fall like - most enjoyable. I now have mums in right field in keeping with the season.

Jack finished fixing up the rocker. He did real nice job. I'll get a couple of months of outside use before it will have to come in for the winter.

ArtWalk started on Wednesday with a collaborative painting of this Arf bench.

Some art around town.

Not the usual car shots but pretty nice I think.

As far as work goes, I finished up the math curriculum standards indexing. Next up for indexing is counterinsurgency law. And I'm looking forward to our Dearborn trip next week. See you!


  1. I like the style. I hope everyone does.

  2. I really love that Grand Haven has piggy-backed on the ArtPrize thing! I look forward to getting downtown to see the exhibits.