Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Coast Guard Fest

Tuesday night was Street Dance.

Central Park Fountain

The crafters set up in the park on Thursday afternoon.

We walked through the Arts and Craft show on Friday. It was a very nice show with lots of variety. Didn't buy anything but got some ideas! Friday night we hit a couple of the tents for entertainment.

First the VFW

Then the Eagles

Eagle Riders

And Saturday was the parade. It is a very large parade lasting two hours. We watched it at 7th and Washington where Jack's barber was throwing a real nice parade party.

It's the regular UPS driver for Grand Haven but not the regular delivery truck.

I love that this town celebrates the Science Olympiad team. The schools here are very highly rated and the various academic teams not only get floats in the parade, the newspaper covers them. I'm use to sports teams getting all the attention, and they also get attention here too, but it is nice to see academic teams getting high visibility.

For Jack...

And to end the parade, the Scottville Clown Band...

Saturday ended with a huge fireworks show. I watched part of it from my upstairs window. Very impressive. Sugar hid in the bathroom shaking. She finally came out of there around 4am when Jack told her really they won't start again. No pictures because really pictures of fireworks are just pictures that don't live up to the real thing. (And the ones I took through the window didn't come out at all.)

Now Sunday afternoon, and all is back to normal in Grand Haven. Adam and Steph are here for the weekend and that has been nice. Tomorrow I'll need to get back to my indexing work. Next weekend Stitches Midwest.

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