Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coast Guard Fest Begins

Saturday morning following the usual walk to the bakery I went to the "Sunshine Stitches Along the Lakeshore 2012 Quilt Show." I am a novice quilter but I have always enjoyed the art form. The pictures do not do the quilts justice but here are a few for your enjoyment.

On Sunday there was another car show - bigger than the last one.

Grand Haven's old and new fire engines.

The carnival started setting up Sunday and finished up on Monday. It covers four blocks of Washington, a parking lot and spills into the cross streets. It is a large carnival.

On Monday the Coast Guard boats came into town.

The Sheriff's boats were on hand to help keep the other boats out of the way.

So far we are enjoying the Fest activities. The traffic is really picking up and it will be worse next weekend because of the parade and fireworks. It is now routine to see cars going the wrong way on Franklin and Columbus. The big red Wrong Way signs are obviously not big enough. Stops signs are ignored and it seems that people can't tell the difference between a two- and four-way stop. So they routinely pull out in front of a car that isn't stopping. I guess it comes from not only being in a new place but also being in vacation mode. We can walk everywhere so not too big of a problem - just have to remember to look both ways when one way should do. The Tribune reports that police calls have escalated with the start of the Fest - no doubt!

Meanwhile, back at home we have hung the scoreboard.

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