Sunday, July 1, 2012

Random Wandering

Except for the lack of rain, it has been a beautiful week in Grand Haven. We've enjoyed much walking about.

Somethings you see are fun. I just thought this bike was cool looking.

Other things one sees are just odd. I have no explanation for this scene in Central Park.

Two days later the pillow and shoe were gone. Found by owner? Thrown out?

On Friday night we had pizza, with plenty to bring home along with peanuts from Fortino's.

Saturday on our way to the bakery we spotted a new Arf Walk dog that will be of interest to car lovers.

Sunday morning we walked by as the vendors were setting up the Art Market at Chinook Pier. We were a little early but Sugar was happy the homemade dog biscuits were out and ready for sale.

I really hope that no one will get up at midnight so they can stake out a fireworks viewing spot. But there probably will be a few.

Jack takes a break. Sugar is still raring to go.

Last walk of the week - evening of Sunday. Fiddling around.

And almost home...another car guy pic...

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