Thursday, November 26, 2015

Vegan Thanksgiving 2015

I have much to be thankful for, first - Jack, Adam, and Steph. Love! Jack and I don't have to worry about being hungry as many do. Today's feast proves that. We started the day with a walk down to the channel. It was warm and the rain had stopped before it started again.

Then I spent the day in the kitchen. Meaning, I had a great day. It was just the two of us for dinner. The things I made don't lend themselves to small quantity cooking - so leftovers!

We started the day with the apple pie Jack baked yesterday. I knew we would have no room after dinner, so starting the day with pie seemed right. It is Jack's best pie to date. He started baking about 2 years ago and is now confident enough to go off recipe and try things. The result was excellent.

Click on pictures for better view.

I took a risk and tried a new recipe - "ham." I didn't realize that it would double in size during the 5 hours it spent in the crock pot. And, the recipe makes two. They will reappear all week as I use them up.

Munchies and Lion's football. The green onions are the last from our garden. The garden is down to lettuce and spinach in the cold frame and kale in a pot.

The first wash up. There were many.

Ready to be added to the dressing.

Yes, very 70's on the casserole. I got it as a gift at my bridal shower.

Next up potatoes.

 I used gold, left the skin on, and varied the spices a bit - recipes are suggestions.

I had planned a green bean casserole but the beans had fungus - not happy. So the next item to be made - biscuits. Jack made the dough cutter/scrapper back when he had a wood shop.

Last but not least, mushroom gravy for the biscuits and dressing.

A last minute "crisis" when I couldn't get everything in the oven ("hams" needed to go in to finish after crock potting) and I put them on too big of a sheet and with the two casseroles it didn't fit. With Jack's help, I got them in a smaller pan and all fit. Then we enjoyed.

The one thing I didn't make was the cranberry sauce. Jack will only eat the jellied canned variety.

With these leftovers, I won't have to cook all week. I hope Jack liked everything - I await his review.

Last batch of dishes - I think there were 4 total.

Thankful, thankful, thankful. Peace.


  1. Everything to be thankful for! Nice meal, fabulous family and good health!

  2. I'm so curious how your 'ham' tasted?

    1. It was great Tracy. The consistency is not ham - but the taste is. This is the recipe:
      I used homemade broth and cut the smoke back to a little less than a tablespoon. I use Tamari soy. I've fried up slices for sandwiches and it gets better each time.