Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trip to the Woods

Hello again. It has been almost a year since my last post. Why? Don't know, but I'm back, at least for now.

As usual when I travel, my trip was on the back roads.

My first stop was at a quilt/yarn shop in Newaygo. I bought a pattern.

Then I proceeded north through the Manistee National Forest. I came upon an historic site sign. I just have to stop at those. Click on the picture to read.

Unfortunately, the Historic and Cultural Center is only open on Saturday. The area is a mix of houses from big grand lake homes, average sized homes to small summer cabins. There was a clubhouse for Detroit folks to get together. I'm betting there was one for Chicago too. The area is large and I didn't see it all.

The lake is gorgeous.

As I was standing on the path, a boy of about 11 or 12 flew by on a bike. He came to an abrupt stop, turned and asked if I'd seen any bears. I told him no and asked if he had. "Yesterday, he was running across the highway. He was a teenager." He was so excited and I'm sure was, maybe still is, telling the story to everyone he met. I would have been excited too - as long as the bear was running away from me, not towards me.

Then I was off for a stop in Baldwin. I found fabric for the pattern I'd bought in Newaygo.

Then I was on to Reed City where I found a quilt store I didn't know about. And I had lunch.

Oh deer! I did manage a vegan meal with a very tasty red sauce.

Then I spent three days at Morning Star.

My cabin:


The road in:

The view from my window:

No electricity, no Internet, no phone, no clock. Total silence. My only companion for conversation was this sage old tree.

I read, I walked, I knitted, I sat and did nothing. The time was restful, peaceful and renewing.

After three days, it was back to civilization and the noise. One more stop at a fabric store just south of Reed City.

I meandered home by a different route and found this wonderful sight when I arrived home.


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