Monday, August 5, 2013

Coast Guard Fest 2013

Let me just say right off, we had a great time! The Tribune says the crowds were bigger this year. Well, I know for sure there were crowds. But, all the people and activity is part of the fun. And when we tire of it - home we go.

Of course first up was the quilt show. It runs Friday and Saturday the weekend before Coast Guard Saturday. Jack walked Sugar while I enjoyed the quilts. I give you a selected few that I especially liked.

Then Sunday the BIG car show - that wasn't big. It rained all morning so the car guys that won't bring their treasures out in the rain didn't come. The sun finally came out in the afternoon. There is usually 3 blocks of cars with spill over into the cross streets. This year, a block and a half.

Next up on Monday - the ships come in.

As you can see it was very cloudy and the temperatures had dropped. Jack even had to break down and get out of his summer uniform and put on long pants.

Tuesday night was Street Dance with the  Beach Bashers. The carnival was also in full swing.

On Wednesday evening, with Jack back in his summer uniform, we were off to the Eagle's tent for another local band, Sweet Justice.

We took Thursday off from activities. On Friday the Community Center and Central Park became home to an arts and craft fair. Lots of variety and interesting items.

Then we headed over to the VFW Post where they had a pig roast and of course had a tent with bands. There was a Beatles tribute band playing at Waterfront Stadium and Jack had indicated that he wanted to go. But as the evening moved on he decided he wanted to stay at the Post. We were having a nice time chatting with folks and decided to avoid what was sure to be a super crowded waterfront.

I don't think I'd like to be the guy who has to drive this advertisement around.

Coast Guard Saturday

We started the day with a parade party at Joe's. He throws it every year and it is great fun. This is no little parade. It lasted a couple of hours and had a bit of everything. A few select shots.

And of course, the parade ends with the Scottville Clown Band.

Then we mostly hung around the house until dark. We walked over to Washington and down a few blocks. Even though we couldn't see the ground show from where we were, it was a great show. Pictures of fireworks aren't at all like the real thing but here goes.

When it ended we walked home and watched as the street backed up for two hours with everyone heading out of town. Glad we live here.

And so ends another wonderful Coast Guard week.

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