Thursday, July 4, 2013

Around Lake Michigan

Jack and I took a road trip around Lake Michigan. It was wonderful. We took our time and for the most part stayed on back roads. We checked out little towns along the way and wandered through antique stores. We plan to circumnavigate all the Great Lakes. I did not bring my laptop. No work at all on this trip. A first since I've been self-employed.

We stopped for lunch in Ludington the first day.

And a stop at the yarn store.

Then off to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. It was voted most beautiful place in America.

We had planned to camp overnight there but it was expected to rain all night and I had just sprained my ankle before the trip, so hiking was out. So we went on to Traverse City and stayed at a motel there for the night. Total mileage for the day 199.

The next day we had lunch in Petoskey.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, one of these days I'll put together my Jack on bench collection.

For some reason our GPS, Hal, wanted us to turn around and head south to go north. Couldn't figure it out. We figured Hal's brain got scrambled so we were left to the old fashioned way, Jack reading the map. As we approached the Mackinac Bridge to cross into the UP, I knew what was wrong. You have to get on the expressway for a few blocks and the bridge has a toll. Hal was set to no tolls or expressway so he was going to take us there by going south around Lake Michigan the other way!

Beautiful bridge.

And on into St. Ignace for the evening. Total mileage for the day 155.

The next day we stopped for lunch in Manististique.

For the hockey fans, a remote control Zamboni.

Our server recommended we stay in Gladstone for the evening. We did and she was correct, a very nice little town. But first a stop at Kitchitikipi Springs.

On into Gladstone. Total mileage for the day 146. The motel we stayed at was up for sale if anyone is interested.

There was a Sand Bar in Wisconsin Dells that we would go to and there is one in Glandstone, MI. I'm betting there are lots of Sand Bars around the country. Some might even have a bench for Jack, but not this one.

The next day it was on into Wisconsin. First stop - National Railroad Museum. We started with the narrated train ride around the grounds. Very educational with interesting hobo tales.

Inside there was great display of railroad dishes over the years.

Butter dishes - I love the butter cutter.

On into Green Bay, where apparently I didn't take any pictures. Total mileage for the day 122.

The next day our plan was to stop at the Air Venture Museum. They were closed even though the hours on the sign and website said they should have been open. Oh well. Then on into Elkhart Lake and Road America. We stayed there for five days. Total daily mileage 108.

A cart is a must have for Road America and even more so with my bum ankle.

Jack and Bridgett between time trials. And Silver waiting for more more car action. I of course had my knitting.

While we were staying in Elkhart Lake we cruised around the area checking out the other small towns in the area. Added an additional 218 miles.

You have to stop at a place called Smiling Moose. They are open for breakfast on Sundays. And lets just say the portions would satisfy a moose - maybe that's why he's smiling.

Bike race in Sheboygan.

Our favorite place in Elkhart Lake - Brown Baer.

Then off to Milwaukee.

There is a beautiful spinning wheel in here. But it wasn't open and the picture through the window is no good so you'll have to trust me on that.

Public market in Milwaukee.

Then a pub crawl.

Crazy eights!

And then home. We had planned to spend the next night at Indiana Dunes but it was raining and my ankle wasn't getting better with all the walking around Milwaukee so we just headed home.  We did use the toll roads this portion of the trip. Going through Chicago any other way would have been nuts. Total daily mileage 290. Ten days and total trip mileage 1,238 and we made it around Lake Michigan.

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