Monday, January 14, 2013


On Friday, Jack was heading to a doc appointment at the hospital. Sugar and I tagged along for the walk. Sugar and I peeled off at Duncan Woods. It was pretty this time of year. I like the open look without the leaves. I'll have to go back when the sun is shining to see how that looks.

Jack reported that I got lost in the woods. That would be real hard to do because Duncan Woods is very nice but not that big. What happened is when I came out the other end, as always seems to happen when I do this, I wasn't sure exactly what combination of turns to make to get home. It is a part of town I don't normally walk around. I always had a general idea of the way to go so not lost in the real sense, maybe more wandering about in an inefficient manner. But that was OK. Even though it was raining lightly, it was one of our last warm days. Sugar is always thrilled to sniff out new locations so she wasn't complaining.  Of course before the next time I'm heading to Duncan Woods, I could look at a map and figure out the straightest route home, but what would be the fun in that?

Jack and I discuss how nice it is to not know where everyplace is. Someone will reference a town here in MI and we are clueless. We know the Muskegon to Holland to Grand Rapids area pretty well, but get out of that triangle and it is still mostly a mystery to us. We truly can get lost in MI - an impossibility  back in IL. Having lived there our whole lives, any town mentioned we could place it geographically - south side, north side, western sprawl, mid-state, downstate, etc. With our road trips, we are learning MI. So more and more places are becoming familiar. However, I doubt we will ever have the complete grasp of MI that we had of IL. I like it that way. It is like traveling. You go to see new things. When we travel, I love truly getting lost in big cities. No plan, just start walking and see what happens. You might miss the "must see" museum, but instead you find wonderful little local gems and quirks of the city.

Go out and get lost - I highly recommend it.

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  1. An interesting read about the joys of getting lost and finding those wonderful little local gems and quirks of a city...My kind of adventure...