Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January in Grand Haven

I've been very busy indexing a variety of books. The books are all interesting so a bonus. On New Year's Day we participated in the VFW Post's pot luck dinner. We had a great time chatting with our new Grand Haven friends.  There were an amazing variety of dishes and very tasty.

It has been warm and dry. Right now it is mid-40s and we'll be up in the 50s this weekend. While this is nice for going out and about, it isn't nice for the tourist businesses that require ice and snow. And it is really not good for the lake levels. Our neighbor predicted a January 19 freeze date for ice fishing but right now that doesn't look like it is going to happen, But it is supposed to get cold starting next week so maybe he'll be right.

As you can see by Central Park no snow at all.

One of the stores has a bag of "real plastic snow" in the window.

Can't go skiing on that!

While we were out walking last Sunday we found this guy taking a stroll down Washington.

 Meanwhile back at home the Christmas tree and decorations are packed away till next year. The chessmen are back lined up ready to do battle.

 My window herb garden wasn't producing as hoped. Mostly this was due to my neglect. So the herb garden has been dismantled and sent to the basement until I decide if I'll try it again. In its place are some souvenirs.

We took a trip to my favorite consignment store in Muskegon and I found a nice little Wedgwood ashtray that is pretty and nice for holding my jewelry overnight.

That's all that's new around here. Now back to work...

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