Monday, October 29, 2012

Dearborn Road Trip

At  the end of September we took a four day trip across Michigan to Dearborn and back. First I must say the Michigan is a beautiful state. And in Fall it is the best place. The leaves were changing so each new mile brought beautiful new views into sight.  We took the northern route to Dearborn and the southern route on the way back - no expressways. It was wonderful. Jack has been doing a good job of supplying car pictures on his blog but the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village is so much more than cars.

There is a room full of timepieces.

Lots of planes.

There is lots of history.

Me in the same seat as Rosa Parks and Barack Obama. When I saw the picture of BO in the seat I assumed it was because he was president that he got to get on the bus. But no, anyone can.

Sewing machines all lined up.

A space saving sewing machine where the seat fits into the cabinet.

I've seen sewing machines but never one like this.

When Adam was young, no trip to a museum was complete until the MOLD-A-RAMA was visited.

Jack as farmer.

Jack as train engineer.

Needlecrafts - fun!

I want one of these.

I like my time spent in the kitchen. This one is a bit too primitive for me. But I like the spinning wheel.

I could probably work in this one.

About to get on the train.

Lunch time!

All good.

I think this explains itself.

Working farm kitchen.

Edison's lab.

Greenfield Village is very pretty.

Well there is lots more but you get the idea. It is well worth the trip. Our last night in Dearborn we ate at a wonderful local establishment with very good food.

On the way home we spent a night in Battle Creek and then went to the Gilmore Car Museum first thing in the morning. After Henry Ford, I wasn't expecting to be too excited. How could that be topped? Well the Gilmore is an amazing place. It is huge and has cars and makes I have never heard of ever. It has an expansive grounds and I'll say it again, it is amazing. I hadn't thought about cars as works of art before but I'm convinced. I don't think we do it anymore but there have been some great looking cars over time. Jack's been sharing car picks but I'll include a few here.

Hood ornaments.

Toy cars.



All in all, a very great trip. On the way to and back we stopped in little towns for lunch and checked out a couple antiques stores. Michigan is great.

I'm sure Adam and Steph took great care of Sugar and she likes them. But Jack is her favorite human so he had to be greeted extra special upon our return.

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