Friday, September 12, 2014

Surf's Up and Tree's Down

On Wednesday, the surf was up on the Big Lake. 

When we were on the beach, there were a couple swimmers, but no surfers. The Tribune has more pictures, including surfers, here:

The dying tree on the property between our neighbor and her neighbor came down on Friday. We were very impressed with the skill of the men taking the tree down. It is a very tight space and it was amazing how fast and neat they brought it down.

Note the log falling.

This is going to change the amount of sunlight our garden gets in a good way. The right field flower garden will remain a shade garden. But the partial shade areas may move to partial sun. The area where I have my pots for tomatoes and peppers will now definitely be in full sun.

We clearly have had enough rain - mushroom in the grass.

Pink is doing very well. She appears to like her new home.

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