Sunday, August 3, 2014

Coast Guard Festival 2014

Music, Music, and More Music

Street Dance this year featured a group of retired Coast Guard men who met at the academy and formed a band.

One night the Eagles' tent showcased my favorite local band.

We attended the Toppermost Beatles Tribute at Waterfront Stadium. They are a Michigan band.

Friday and Saturday the Community Center and Central Park filled up with arts and crafts for sale.

I've been looking at this for two or three years. Finally said, "Ah what the heck."

Brought it home in our wheel barrel.

Sugar was having no part in hanging around for the History of The Coast Guard event. Turns out she is not a fan of bagpipes.

Saturday we went to Joe's parade party. Prior to the parade starting, Lew Russ entertained. You can catch him Sundays between 6 pm and 9 pm on Jack's Deck in  Spring Lake.

Saturday was capped off with fireworks. We don't go down to the waterfront. We walked up and over a block and watch from there. We don't get to see the Musical Fountain show that accompanies the fireworks, but we do get home fast and avoid the crowds.

Back at home during all the festivities, our neighbor took down his wall that was sinking and falling over.

And we harvested our first hot pepper and tomatoes. The bean plants continue to be productive this year. And the first cucumbers are about ready.

All and all a very fun and busy week. I have lots of work over the next three weeks to keep me busy. In addition, the pirates come to town this week and then there is this.

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