Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chicago Trip

Before I tell you about our short trip to Chicago, I have some Jack in the kitchen photos. I was working hard so Jack stepped up and made a wonderful squash and kale soup. And I do mean wonderful.

The recipe called for two garlic cloves. He used six. I have taught him well.

We left for Chicago early on Tuesday morning. Well we left the house early. Due to switching problems the train was delayed by an hour. We had the first measurable snow for the year Tuesday morning. The amount varied depending upon where you were. I don't know how much ended up falling on Grand Haven because it was all gone when we got home.  The views from the train were great. It is a great way to travel. No worries just enjoy the scenery.

Blueberry bushes. Hopefully we don't have the crazy weather like last year that destroyed the crops.

They made up a little time along the way and we got into Chicago around 11:30. First we hit the Christkindlmarket. We didn't buy anything on Tuesday but did go back on Wednesday and bought a tree topper - blown glass from Germany. You'll see that when we get the tree decorated.

Then we checked out the windows at Macy's on State Street.

After that we walked over to the Goat for lunch. Then we hopped in a taxi to take us to the Hotel Lincoln. I cannot say enough good stuff about this hotel. It is across for the Lincoln Park Farm in the Zoo. We had amazing views from our room.

We wandered a bit ending up at an Irish pub where Adam and Steph caught up with us. This is Henry. He doesn't like most dogs eat the peanut shell and all. He shells them. No kidding. He cracks the shell and just eats the nuts. Too funny.

We went out to dinner and ended the evening in the roof top restaurant/bar of the hotel. The views are amazing. I can't wait to go back when the weather is warmer and sit outside.

On Wednesday morning we started out by wandering around Lincoln Park.

Wool on the hoof.

Lagoon. Just ducks. No boats this time of year.

More wool.

Lawn ornaments.

 I'm thinking there was food in that bucket.

Jack making a flat penny with Lincoln Park Zoo on it.


Jack on bench. Some day I'll put together all my Jack on Bench series.

The Conservatory.

After the Conservatory, we wandered around the neighborhood. We think next time we'll spend two nights at the hotel as there is a lot of interest around it. After checking out we made our way to the Loop where we walked around a bit more and had a late lunch of a great quesadilla then headed over to Union Station to catch the train home. On-time all the way. This was a great trip. We've spent a lot of time in Chicago but this was the best.

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