Tuesday, June 26, 2012

51st Annual Grand Haven Art Festival

We started out Saturday afternoon heading for the beach on our bikes. However, it was crowded on the boardwalk and we decided to not continue to the beach. There were also lots of boats heading out to the lake.

Instead we parked the bikes and decided to check out the Art Festival. I really enjoyed walking through the fest and seeing all the different types of arts and crafts. There were about 100 booths. The thing I dislike about arts and crafts festivals is when booth after booth has the same or very similar items. This was not the case at this fest. A wide variety of items were on display and not a duplication in the bunch. We also walked through the fest Sunday morning with Sugar when it was less crowded. We came away empty handed but looking is the most fun for me.

I can't resist one more Arf Walk picture - mom and pups.

After the fest we stopped for a bite to eat before heading home. But on the way home after lunch we were sidetracked by $1 beers. Hey it goes to a good cause!

At home the veggies continue to grow. Note the bikes and car have switched places. We won't be needing the car much now.

I finished the skull cap for Jack to wear under the bike helmet. With it he won't get sunburn stripes on his head.

Now I must get back to work indexing a book on comparative law. At least the window is open and I have a nice breeze coming in.

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